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Cape weekend 6/21


Lobster Diving (Click Here)
Nauset Inlet
Cape weekend 6/21
6/19 Charles River Locks
6/14 Cape, Nauset, Chatham Monomoy
Lovell Camping 6/7

6/21 Out on Billingsgate Shoal clamming in the pooring rain.  a few hors of clamming and 6 of us had almost 50lbs of Cherrystones to cook.  We filled 2 , 5 gallon buckets.  An entire 10 gallon cooler.  Shane went back out that night with the lobster traps and pulled up one keeper.  It took 10 of us 2 hours to finish just half of what we brought back.  Raw, Steamed, grilled, you name it.  Estimated market value was about $250-$300 if store bought.

2 of the 6 clammers

Half of what was left after 2 hours of eating...

Me working the Raw Bar

Shane with his lobster

Christian with Shane and his catch 1/2 lb lobster

Matt with Shanes Catch

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