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6/19 Charles River Locks


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Nauset Inlet
Cape weekend 6/21
6/19 Charles River Locks
6/14 Cape, Nauset, Chatham Monomoy
Lovell Camping 6/7

Left work early and Met Sam, (photography director at Mass General Hospital).  His supervisors got us security clearence to use the hospital medivac docks to park and launch from.  200yds from the Charles river locks and the ocean side.  Herring spawn int he charles, the primary food source for Stripers in the spring, and they stack up against the lock doors wating for them to open.  When they do, in come the bass and they feed like crazy jumping out of the water to chase herring.  This was the target.  It was tough to get them to hit anything but the live bait they were feeding on, but we managed a few.  Sam got one that took off after he hooked it and broke 30 lb line.  In the locks there are herring on the surface and underneith them you can see all the bass lined up.  I saw a group of 3 that was easily f foot long fish.  Biggest ones I have ever seen.

This is a Map of the area, not necessarily where we put in and paddled from

Sam picks up a small fish

Lock doors opening as we went back into the Charles river from the ocean side

In front of locks, right behind me is the honey hole

In the locks while dropping 7 ft to ocean level

Under rt 1 suspension bridge, locks straight ahead

Under the new Rt 1 suspension bridge over Boston

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